Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Patricia Martin

Exhibition Information

Artist: Patricia Martin

Exhibition: Holiday Sale (not really an exhibition)

Media: fabrics, dye, zines

Gallery: Dutzi

Website: patriciamartinartist.com

Instagram: @patriciamartiart

About the Artist

Patricia Martin is a student at California State University, Long Beach, who is currently working on her Masters of Fine Arts. She plans to graduate in two years. As an undergraduate, Patricia worked on color reproduction. At the Holiday Art Sale last Wednesday at CSULB, she had some of her work out on display and available for sale. The work included scarves, clothes, and zines. The scarves are what really caught my attention. Apparently they were dyed with natural colors, which was really cool. She said she also teaches privately on the side and has her own business.

Patricia said the scarves were dyed using natural colors. She said the process, simply, was taking an item (leaves, barks, flowers, some kind of coloring) and placed in alcohol and then boiled in water. This can extract the dye/color from the material, which you can then use for dying purposes. There were several scarves on display, each with their own unique color and color design. She used fabric, cut it to size, and then used her all-natural dye to color the scarves uniquely. My favorite was the yellow one with the grey and white spotting in the interior.

Patricia also created quite a few zines, which I actually didn’t notice were hers until I was just leaving. The zines were small, paper books-like things. They had a design or drawing on the front with the title of the zine. Inside contained funny and witty lines.

I thought it was particularly cool that all of her scarves had a realistic, natural looking color. Some scarves that use artificial dyes have an unnatural color and hue to them. Patricia’s scarves all had colors that could be seen everyday in nature. As a biology major here at CSULB, this really appealed to me.



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