Wk 14 – Art Activity – Instagram

What’s up guys.

This week we had to post a few pictures to Instagram, tag them as #art110f16, and check out the “group portrait”.

Overall I thought it was a cool little project. Before this activity, I had never used Instagram before, so this was a learning experience for me. Luckily, the app was free and super easy to use. Instagram’s (C) sleek and clutter-free interface in combination with its easy to access abilities made using Instagram (C) a blast.

No I wasn’t paid to say that, but damn it I should’ve been.

For some reason a lot of the pictures were taken at California State University, Long Beach. I’m not sure why, it’s quite the coincidence. But it was cool to see that some of the spots (landmarks, activities, shops) at CSULB had their pictures taken multiple times by different people at separate times.

There was also a hilarious picture that featured a blurry picture of a tree with a caption that said, “I tried to take a picture of a squirrel but it ran away”.

I took 4 pictures total. Two of them were just of different activities that were available that day on campus, like the therapeutic animals that were outside of the art building. I also took a picture of people studying in the SAS Center (with a sick filter) within the Hall of Science, where I work and spend at least a couple hours every day.



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