This week over at the art galleries I might a cool new person! Her name is Allison Cruz. It turns out she’s actually a Studio Art Graphic Design major! How cool is that? An art major taking an art class! Who would’ve thought.

Alison said besides graphic design, when she was younger she really enjoyed oil painting. She was originally a Psychology major when she first came to CSULB, but quickly realized she did not like that. She then began taking classes at a community college (OCC) before transferring back to CSULB as a Graphic Design major. While at community college, she was tempted to go to school to become a neurodiagnostic technician. I have no idea what that is but it sounds cool and complicated. I just kind of smiled and nodded my head as she said it.

After she graduates, which should be this spring, if everything goes to plan, Alison wants to get into freelance graphic design work. She said she chose graphic design because she really likes art, but wanted a major that could be more easily applied to the expanding technological advances the world sees all the time.

Anyway, we discussed Demi Lovato for some reason. Maybe it was the Classmate Conversation Question of the Week or something. Apparently Demi Lovato and some other people got into an argument over something and we had talk about it. The question was:

“What is you opinion on fan art? Do you think that the singer reacted in a justified manner or not (In other words, Do you agree with her conclusion or opinion?).”

Alison said she likes fan art, and that fans should keep doing what they do because it shows appreciation towards the celebrity/performer/character/etc. She then went on to say that Demi Lovato was being rude towards the artist, and that since he is the artist, and it is his own interpretation of Demi, then he can draw it however he wants. Hell, if some made an awesome picture of me I’d be grateful even if it made me look different than what I really am. Have some apprectiation and respect, Demi. Jeez.



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