Exhibition Information

Artist: Dalia Banuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibition: A Non-Degree Exhibition

Media: sculpture, photography, paintings, various

Gallery: Maxine Merlino

Website: dbvphotography.com

Instagram: daliaeffect, dbvphotography


About the Artist

Dalia and Daniel are both undergraduate Studio Art majors at California State University, Long Beach. They are both seniors, and plan to graduate in spring. Dalia and Daniel have known each other for 2 years. Both of them attended community colleges before transferring to CSULB. Dalia said one of her main hobbies (besides creating art) is martial arts. Daniel likes to create various kinds of art pieces, and particularly enjoys carving. He was actually practicing his carving as we were interviewing him!

Formal Analysis

Dalia and Daniel created an exhibition that included several pieces. There were around 20 pieces in all, although it was hard to count individual pieces, because there was a sculpture that contained several photographic pieces within it. There were several paintings on the left side of the exhibition from where you first walked in. The paintings depicted various effects, taking on a granite or sandstone-like appearance. On the right side of the room from the entrance there were several pieces on white canvas that appeared to have an ink-like effect. The canvases were white, with black ink used to create images and designs on the canvas. At the back of the room was the sculpture. On the floor lay two mannequins of people curled up in the fetal position. They were both fully clothed, with their faces covered. Above them was a network of strings, that bridged the gap between and connected many photographs. The color of the string was black.

Content Analysis

Dalia was saying that A Non-Degree Exhibition represented both Dalia’s and Daniel’s attempts at getting into the Bachelors of Fine Arts program at California State University, Long Beach. They were both rejected from the program, and decided to harness their emotions and previous art pieces to create a new one. When the applied to the Bachelors of Fine Arts program, they had to submit some of their work. After they were rejected, they used those pieces that were included in their applications to create the exhibition. The two mannequins on the ground represented themselves, with their art strung out above them.

Synthesis / My Experience

I really liked Dalia’s and Daniel’s A Non-Degree Exhibition. As a non-art major, it really showed the “other side” of the art world. Anytime I, as a non-artist, go to look at art, it’s all art that was approved by a higher-up and, for the most part, generally considered “good” art. A Non-Degree Exhibition showed me what it’s like to not have your art approved and be considered “good” by a higher-up. I thought all of the pieces were good, at least as good as all the other pieces I’ve seen in the galleries this year. The emotions created from experiencing the exhibition reminded me of the times where I failed a test or did poorly on a project. A would study to the point where I thought i understood the material, but when I get my grade, it would show otherwise. My answers to the free-response questions would not be considered adequate to the professor, and I would be marked down for it, while I thought my answers were great.



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