In the Japanese Gardens I met some guy named Alex Miramontes. Turns out he’s a 4th year Psychology major, which is awesome. I’ve never met a psych major before, and to be honest it was kind of intimidating. I thought he was analyzing my consciousness throughout our conversation. Or reading my mind.

He’s also minoring in Human Development, and plans to graduate next semester (Spring I assume).

So the first question, “What is a piece of art, of any medium, that you would like to share with everyone? Why do you like it and why do you think others should experience (read, see, listen to, etc.) it?”: He said, “I really like album covers”. Cool. I’ve always liked album covers, but probably not as much as Alex does. He said he really likes the interesting art style of classic rock albums, like Iron Maiden and Metallica. However, he said his favorite album cover is Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs. I looked it up and it is a nice album cover. Very simple and easy on the eyes.

Then I cam up with my own original question and asked him, “Would you be supportive of your child wanting to pursue an art career? Why or why not?”
To that he responded, “Yea sure, I don’t see why not.” He then went on to say that the kid would do it anyway, so it’s better to support them instead of them doing it behind your back. Well that makes sense to me, nice one Alex.

The third and final question was, “Open your phones to the 1st page. What apps do you both have? What apps are different? Discuss!”, which I guess really isn’t a question now that I think about it, but oh well, we’ll go with it anyway.

Turns out Alex and I both had Snapchat and Twitch as apps, which was cool. I wasn’t expecting someone to have Twitch.
I had Ultimate Guitar Tabs on my phone, and he didn’t, but he did have the Chase Bank app, which I did not have because I have the far superior bank, Wells Fargo. 006


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