Exhibition Information

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions, Factory

Media: Bristol paper on foamcore

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @tiffuts


About the Artist

Blaine Scot Prow is a undergraduate student at California State University Long Beach. He is currently a 4th year Bachelor of Arts major with an emphasis on graphic design. In his free time he likes to listen to music, specifically Indie and alternative. He also plays a few instruments, mainly guitar, bass, and keyboard. In high school, Blaine thought origami was cool but never really got into it. However, he was a good math student and was fascinated with shapes and how to create them. After he graduates he wants to work in-house, directly for a company, as opposed to working for a graphic design team.

Formal Analysis

Blaine create an exhibition that he called Extrusions. He created three dimensional shapes out of two dimensional object. He cut various shaped out of bristol paper, and then tinkered and folded them until he created three dimensional shapes. He then overlayed the three dimensional shape on top of the two dimensional cut out. Everything was done in black and white, the three dimensional shape being white and the cutout being black. Blaine created six different pieces, his favorite being The Factory. The Factory portrayed a white cube over the black cutout that formed the cube. He used black foamcore to create the black background of the two dimensional cutout, and white bristol paper to create the three dimensional cube.

To create the pieces, he drew out the templates first to see how they would fold and create a three dimensional shape.

Content Analysis

As long as he could remember, Blaine has been fascinated and utterly obsessed with geometry. He said he wanted to bridge the gap between two dimensions and the third dimension. He said many people don’t realize how similar two dimension and three dimension really are, and wanted to create something that would allow people to see that. By placing the final, 3D product over the original, 2D template, Blaine created a unique way to showcase the inter-dimensional transition.

Synthesis / My Experience

I thought Blaine’s projects were super cool. I particularly enjoyed the process by which he thought of and created the pieces. He said he was just messing around with a square piece of paper one day, when he realized that if he folded the paper a certain way, it formed a triangular pyramid. This is allowed him to instantly realize the relationship between a square and a triangular pyramid, or a two dimensional shape and a three dimensional shape. With this idea. he created more 2D shapes that he then played with until he create 3D shapes out of them. This is a similar way to how scientists and researchers come up with new experimental ideas. As a science major that wants to go into research, I found his process of synthesizing his idea very interesting and relatable. I too have been fiddling with something and then all of a sudden had an epiphany. With that new knowledge, I was able to use the information to create an experimental project of my own.



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