Wk – 6 – Art Experience – Flipbook

This week we had another fun activity (thankfully). We had to make either a flipbook or a zine. To be honest, I had no idea what a zine was until Glenn explained it in class, which is partially why I chose to make a flipbook instead. The main reason I chose to make a flipbook is that I like animations more than stagnant images.

So, for my flipbook, I tried to think of the best, most creative idea ever. And after a solid 30 seconds of coming up with nothing, I gave up. Then it hit me. How about I make an animation that has me walk up to my friend and hit them with a frying pan. Then I hit him.

Check it out.

I call it “Beating Up Marcelo With a Pan (ft. Kaiser’s nose)”

It took me a whopping 26 frames and a solid 45 minutes to create this masterpiece. I do have to give credit to where it due: thanks Marcelo, and your sweet hairdo.


It was fun to do this activity. It was (to date) the longest flipbook I have ever made. I think the runner-up was one I made in 3rd grade that was 15 frames long. 15 frames of raw, unadulterated baloney. It was terrible, 8 year old me sucked at art. I guess not much has changed.


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