This week I teamed up with my good friend Marcelo Ceballos (who also happens to be in this class) to pump out some sweet new art. This week’s activity was called “Automatic Drawing”. With Automatic Drawing, two people hold all four hands together around one crayon/marker/pencil/whatever drawing utensil you want to use, and then let the utensil do its own thing. Kind of like a Ouija board or something. Here was the set up (with candlelight and flowers):

So, our first creation is not very interesting to look at, but I feel as though it represents our moods and emotions quite well. You can tell it’s the love-child of uncertainty and amateurism with a hint of awkwardness. Here it is, I call it Vortex of a Bumblebee:


I call it that because, in a certain kind of subtle way, it looks like a bee because of the roundness and yellow/black pastels. For this one, we didn’t really have something we were going for. Eventually we would migrate to one side of the paper, realize what was happening, and then correct ourselves to get back towards the middle of the paper. Other than that, we just kind of let our ball of hands do its own thing.

The second attempt was a bit different. This time we had a game plan, and that was to draw a rabbit. We had to work together on this one. It was difficult.


In all its glory, A Rabbit, A World,  A Carrot. Obviously, the rabbit part came from the rabbit shape in the picture. The carrot is supposed to be that green smudge blob at the bottom. The world is a bit harder to see, but inside the rabbits body are several curved lines. I thought it kind of looked like the world map (if you squint and turn your head sideways) kind of. Marcelo was saying it’s supposed to be the rabbit’s internal organs. 100% anatomically correct, obviously.

Oh and here’s Marcelo wearing a cool hat.



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