Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Tina Tran

Well, it turns out I’ve been titling my blog posts wrong the whole time. That’s embarrassing.

This week I spoke to a girl named Tina Tran.

Tina is a 5th year Biochemistry major. When asked why she chose that major, she said she only picked it because she needed to put one down on her application. She knew she liked science, but wasn’t sure which one specifically. Luckily, Tina found her favorite science and is glad she picked biochemistry as her major all those years ago.

The following question (that I came up with all by myself) was then asked of her: Which art has affected your life the most?

You should have seen her face. I’ve never seen someone think that hard my whole life, here’s the pic:


Look at that face, you could cut the concentration with a knife or something. I forgot what the saying is. But now I know why she’s always staring at my chest.

Cause that’s where her face is in relation to my body.

Anyway, eventually she piped up and told me that she liked sculptures the best (which doesn’t really answer the original question, but oh well). She said sculptures are way better than flat art like paintings and drawings because sculptures have a whole ‘nother dimension to it. She thinks it’s interesting how “an object that is lifeless can be 3D and still casts a shadow and has an entire dimension that flat art doesn’t have.” Not going to lie, I asked her what she meant by that like 3 times and she claimed I “just wouldn’t understand”. I guess me and her parents have a bit in common. She was super interested in interior architecture and was going to go to school for it, but her parents convinced her not to. Classic parents.

As the famous gangster rapper, The Fresh Prince, once said to the funky fresh beats of DJ Jazzy Jeff:

“Parents just don’t understand.”

– The Fresh Prince, 1988



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