Young boy viciously mauled by pack of wolves

Early Saturday morning, a young boy was reportedly mauled by two small wolves. We are still waiting for some kind of evidence to come forward to back the story.

Here’s an image of the attack:


The wild animals reportedly “ripped out the throat and left lung of the boy”. There are also claims of the animals eating the entire top half of the poor lad. Emergency responders on the scene reportedly attempted CPR on what was left of the young fellow. Although first attempts looked to be successful, the emergency technicians were not able to reattach the top half of his body to the lower half of his body.

It was reportedly a particularly bad case of being eaten in half.

Witnesses of the gruesome attack reportedly say there were two wolves, one that looked like a policeman’s dog and one that looked like a small cougar. The smaller wolf’s breath smelled reportedly “terrible”. However, there’s yet to be any kind of photo or video evidence.

Here’s another picture of the scene, taken from a video:


Unfortunately, it is reported that the cameraman “forgot” to take a picture at a further distance. So hopefully this will do.






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