Met a cool guy a few days ago again

So I met some guy and it turns out his name is Bryan (yea that’s right, with a Y). Off to a strong start.

As we were talking I ended up finding out that he’s a 3rd year Business major. But check this out, he’s actually planning to SWITCH TO JOURNALISM. How crazy is that.

Bryan was saying he feels like he doesn’t belong in the business world, and that he would get taken advantage of like a little baby. Well he didn’t use those exact words but that’s basically what it sounded like he was saying. He said he’s interested in sports (namely competitive checkers and gardening) and likes to keep up with journalists involved with certain teams.

So it turns out he wants to be a sports journalist, rather than being stuck in your run-of-the-mill office job. He likes to pay attention to how they write so he learns a bit and can be prepared for the moment of truth (whatever that means).

He said he’s mainly taking this class for the noble cause of meeting a G.E. requirement, and its also the last class he needs to pass before he can declare Journalism as his major. Let’s hope he can defeat this gatekeeper.

And then I asked the question: Is art actually important?

You know what he did? He looked at me dead in the eye and said “Let me hit you with some knowledge.”

He said “Of course art’s important, it’s a way of expressing yourself and freedom. He then whispered “America” under his breath as he clenched his bald eagle necklace. I felt like I got smacked in the head.

Then I took it up a notch and asked, “What about in today’s world?”

This time he didn’t even look at me. It’s like he was disappointed in me or something. Then said, “Yea, because the world would be dull and boring. Everyone would be the same.”

So get out there and express yourself sheeple.

But don’t express too hard. As the late, great Dr. Dre said…

“I’m expressin’ with my full capabilities,

and now I’m livin’ in correctional facilities.”

Man, Dr. Dre’s life must be tough.



B-ryan in all his glory:







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