So I went down to Seal Beach the other day and guess what. I dug up what appears to be a some kind of ancient Mayan hand sculpture. I think.

Or maybe I put my hand in a hole and poured plaster into it. Either way, this mysterious hand casting is pretty sweet. It appears to be making a “west side” hand gesture of some sort. Maybe it portrays the artists life of growing up in West Garden Grove. Sometimes I’m startled by the sound of gun shots coming from the street, and then I realize it’s just my neighbor Greg bringing his trash cans down to the street for trash day. Sometimes I’m woken up in the middle of the night by the distant sound of a vicious dog barking at burglar, until I open my eyes to see my pug barking at my Honeywell QuietClean Tower Air Purifier that makes a squeaking sound every 15 seconds or so as it rotates.


“Our art is a reflection of our reality.”

– Ice Cube, N.W.A 1987


One thought on “Found an ancient artifact at the beach!

  1. Hey Daniel, LOVE what you’re doing here! Nice work on the plaster and GREAT writing. I wouldn’t even worry about saying “maybe I just poured plaster at the beach”… I’d just be an archaeologist making amazing connections between Mayan carvings and contemporary gang symbols!

    Check out Banksy’s Girlfriend for example:

    Obviously if you ARE Banksy’s Girlfriend, you can’t post pix of yourself with him, so we know, or should realize, that this is a parody. But she never says “Hi, Parody!” She just runs with it and leaves it to her audience to actually be paying attention. (which is why the commenters who cuss her out because they know that isn’t Banksy’s pix are so funny!)

    Anyway, love the style you’re working here and would definitely encourage you to keep at it! 😀


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